Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How To Stop the Conficker Computer Virus

Since 2003, the Conficker Computer virus has become the most massive computer worm infection. It is a computer application installed on computer hard drives through web pages programmed with malicious instructions. It can also pose as Spyware Protect 2009 in order to steal someone’s credit card details and identity. So far, it has caused damage to millions of hard drives and computers worldwide. Its damage becomes worse as it also installs another virus, the Waledac. The Conficker Computer virus has definitely made people cautious and vigilant. However, if you feel like you have not done enough to avoid it, you must check your computer as soon as possible and have the virus removed. You will be guided by the instructions below.  
  • Research. Of course, you must find out more about this virus in order to protect your system from it. You will also want to make sure that this is the virus that has gone into your computer. Remember, there are other kinds of worms and viruses out there infecting computers.
  • Check the Microsoft Support page. You may check out this particular link for more information about the virus. In this website, you are told that if you see whatever is on the page, chances are, you do not have the virus. However, this is not enough. Proceed to the next set of instructions to make sure that your computer is not infected. 
  • Run your anti-virus software. You have to check if your anti-virus software is updated. If you are constantly checking for updates and installing them, your software must probably be up to date. Otherwise, you may check SpySweeper and Norton Antivirus in order to get available packages. From their websites, you can download the particular programs that are effective in stopping the Conficker virus.  
  • Run tests. Once you have downloaded the software, you can begin running tests. Once you have run the sweep, the cookies, viruses, and bugs will be removed from your computer.
  • Use Conficker Removal Tool. You can use this by navigating to the CNET
    website. You will see the tool on their page. Download it and take note
    where it will be saved. Launch it once it finishes downloading. Accept
    the terms and start scanning. When done, follow the instructions in
    removing the worm. When the scan is complete, you may click on “Finish”
    to finalize the process.

Once you have finished the procedures, you may visit the Microsoft website again to do the screen test. If you are still not confident with what you have done, you can always have your computer checked by IT technicians. Ask for their help and show them your computer. Even without the threat of any virus, make sure that you always have your computer checked out once in a while because you never know when viruses sneak in. Keeping your anti-virus software up to date is very important if you want to maintain your computer’s high performance. It is better to allot time in installing and updating anti-virus software rather than having to remove viruses later. Much more damage will be done to your hard drive once viruses do get in.
By Katherine Watson


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